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Please understand the better quality the image, the better the final card design will produce.  An image captured with a disposable camera or cell phone does not produce the high quality-high resolution image required for MyPic Photo Chekcards and cannot be used.  For most digital cameras, select the highest quality setting for best results. 
After uploading your image to the MyPic Photo Chekcard production site, you’ll be able to manage the image using the card production tools such as scaling, moving, rotating and flipping. If you do not want to upload your own image, you can select one form the image gallery located on the card production site.

  •  Image files can be in either .JPEG, .GIF,.PNG,.TIFF, OR .BMP formats
  • The maximum file size is 5 megabytes (Mb)
  • Images must be at least 640 x 480 pixels
  • Small images will reproduce poorly when printed
  • If you increase the scale of your image too much, it may also print poorly
  • The bigger the image you choose, the longer it will take to upload & the time your image takes to upload depends on your own internet connection speed. This is approximate and depends on your connection speed, which may vary.

Clarke County State Bank reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a submitted image will be accepted.  All images submitted must have the consent of the owner including those images downloaded from the internet.  Clarke County State Bank will not accept images that contain any of the following:

  • Advertising, promotional text, slogans, copyrighted or trademarked material;
  • Celebrities, athletes, musicians, politicians, cartoon characters or public figures of any kind;
  • MasterCard, Visa or any other payment brand references;
  • Phone numbers or URLs;
  • Socially unacceptable groups or culturally or socially sensitive material;
  • Provocative or sexual nature or containing any sexual content; nudity; profanity or obscenities;
  • Violent or other offensive material, including material that could be perceived as violent;
  • Racial, prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter;
  • Any image where the content is not clearly comprehensive or discernible. This includes
    non-English text or images where the subject is unclear (i.e. blurry, distorted, etc.) and may be interpreted as violating the guidelines; or
  • Any content that might infringe, denigrate or dilute the payment card brand or its member financial institutions.
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