Applications & Forms

No matter what path you may be taking at this time in your life, Clarke County State Bank serves all types of banking requests.  We strive to serve our customers in the most convenient manners available.   

You may find one of these helpful as you move along in the process of applying for a loan,
setting up an automatic payment or opening an account.    

It’s easy to get started. Simply print the necessary form, fill it out as best you can, and mail or bring it to the bank.  Please do not email private information.  We’ll contact you if we need any additional information. 


Personal Account Application
Personal Financial Statement
Consumer Loan Application
Residential Real Estate Loan Application
Automatic Payment Authorization Form
Cent$able $avings Disclosure and Authorization Form
Cent$able $avings FAQs 

Business Account Application

Business Financial Statement
Agriculture Financial Statement
Automatic Payment Authorization Form