Tips for Traveling with a Credit Card

Have the following phone numbers on hand:

  • Platinum Visa Customer Service: 800-833-0131
  • MasterCard: 800-367-7576
  • Visa: 800-423-7503
  • Clarke County State Bank: 641-342-6581

Call the number on the back of your credit card to discuss your travel plans and to provide the best way of reaching you, i.e. phone, email, etc. Why? The credit card company works behind the scenes to monitor your transactions for out-of-the-ordinary purchases and may contact you to verify the transactions. By knowing ahead of time when and where you are traveling, you avoid inconvenient delays.

On a related note: Many debit cards work the same way so you’ll want to notify your debit card company of your travel plans as well.

Carry alternative forms of payment, i.e. debit card, checks, cash.

Whether you have a Visa or Master Card, your credit card can be used internationally wherever you see the symbol that matches the one on your card.

Understand that there may be addtional fees when using your credit card internationally.

Safeguard your transaction receipts so that you can easily identify your transactions when you get home.