Save while you shop!  It’s easy and it’s FREE!

All you need is a CCSB checking account, a CCSB savings account and a CCSB debit card. 

When you enroll in the FREE Cent$able $avings program the amount of your debit card purchases are rounded up to the next whole dollar and the difference is transferred into the CCSB savings account of your choice.

Saving made easy with these simple steps…

  1. Use your debit card to make a purchase.
  2. Round your purchase amount to the next dollar.
  3. The extra ‘cents’ are transferred from your CCSB checking to your CCSB savings.
  4. Write the whole $ amount in your checkbook for easy balancing.

Watch your savings grow – everytime you spend!

Fill out the Cent$able $avings Disclosure and Authorization Form to begin saving today!

The Cent$able $avings FAQs can answer many of your questions or contact one of our knowledgeable Personal Bankers.