Mobile Banking Troubleshooting


You cannot see your account.

  • Contact a CCSB Personal Banker and they will add that account to your list of available accounts.

You cannot log in.

  • Are you enrolled in CCSB’s Internet Banking?  If not, contact the CCSB Accounting Department or a Personal Banker to get enrolled.
  • The Accounting Department can assist you in unlocking your account in the event of a forgotten password. 

The CCSB Mobile Banking App is really slow.

  • Weak cell phone signals.
  • You have increased the number of days of history to show on the App.  Go to the settings on the App and change it back to 5-10 days.

The CCSB Mobile Banking App will not open after several attempts.

  • Reboot your device (power off and on).  If that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the App.