Tips for Traveling with a CCSB Debit Card

Have the following phone numbers on hand: 

  • Clarke County State Bank – 641-342-6581
  • SHAZAM 24/7 for lost/stolen cards – 800-383-8000
  • SHAZAM 24/7 fraud case management – 866-508-2693

Notify CCSB of your travel plans and the way to best reach you while your gone, i.e. phone, email, etc.  Why?  SHAZAM works behind the scenes to monitor your transactions for out-of-the-ordinary purchases.  If we know when and where you are traveling, we can help you avoid inconvenient delays. 

On a related note:  Many credit cards work the same way so you’ll want to notify your credit card company of your travel plans as well.            

Carry alternative forms of payment, i.e. credit cards, checks, cash.                                       

Analyze the symbols on your card.  Merchants with Visa signage should accept your debit card for payment.  When traveling internationally, search for ATMs with the Cirrus symbol (located on the back of the card).  Within the U.S., search for ATMs with SHAZAM or Visa signage.

Understand that there will probably be additional fees when using your debit card internationally.  You also will not have access to Savings accounts when using international ATMs; utilize your internet banking to have access to those funds.

Cash advance option – if an ATM is not available, search for a financial institution with Visa signage.

Safeguard your transaction receipts so that you can easily identify your transactions when you get home.

Have you signed up for SHAZAM Bolt$?  This is a great tool that can help protect you from fraud.

Take even more control of your accounts using Transaction Control.  With a quick tap of a button you will be able to block and unblock your card.